Have you ever been scared?  I mean REALLY scared?  I think everyone has.  I remember making a decision to leave my home, my job, my friends, everything familiar to me to follow a dream.  The day I drove out of Atlanta, my hands were shaking and I started to wonder if I should turn back. Then, a song came on the radio by Steven Curtis Chapman called “Burn the Ships.”  A nod to the idea that if we are truly committed to our plan A, then Plan B is useless, so we might as well burn the ships.

As I drove up the highway, the lyrics took root in my heart.  Soon, my fear was replaced by excitement.  It was the right song for me at the right time.  As if heaven itself had sent me a message to keep moving forward, don’t look back, and trust the vision.  Music can be such a powerful force for good, for hope, for encouragement, and even for defending our hearts against fear. 

I will forever believe a song can change your life.